TCI Coronavirus Response

# Coronavirus Crisis

With the extraordinary circumstances around the world impacting both work and home life, we are hearing from many of you about your concerns and questions. TCI is committed to helping you.

First, we want to assure you that TCI has a Business Continuity Plan in place across all functions. Our employees are fully equipped to work remotely to support customers with systems that have remote access features. Several weeks ago, we implemented a policy of continual sanitization of our offices and vehicles. For those needing onsite service, we have implemented a policy of “qualifying” new service orders before dispatching our technicians and upon arrival onsite. This qualification is to assist in the safety of TCI’s employees. We are also optimizing our supply chain and expediting shipments to customers on the front lines as needed.

We are getting questions about how to securely and rapidly connect sites, enable employees working from home, set up virtual call centers, and support online learning for students. We continue to get questions on implementing security systems, access control systems, and surveillance camera systems for our customers’ protection and peace of mind.

Under the current governmental guidelines and because of the nature of our work, TCI will be able to assist you with your ongoing needs.