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TCI RED: Empowering Digital Fortresses - Comprehensive IT Security Solutions Suite

Welcome to TCI, your trusted partner in comprehensive IT security solutions. Explore our cutting-edge services designed to safeguard your critical data and ensure uninterrupted access with TCI RED Sentry, our flagship managed cybersecurity service.


TCI RED Sentry - Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Discover peace of mind with TCI RED Sentry, providing managed cybersecurity services that guarantee continuous, secure, and flexible access to your critical data. Our services are tailored to your needs, offering maintenance support or time and material-based remediation services.


Endpoint Protection - Next-Generation Security

Defend against evolving threats with TCI RED Endpoint Protection. Our managed next-generation endpoint protection utilizes an award-winning platform to prevent, detect, and respond to diverse threats. Powered by static AI, behavioral AI, and autonomous technologies, TCI RED Endpoint Protection ensures your organization's resilience against ransomware and exploits.


Cloud Filter - Scalable Web Filtering

Experience unlimited scalability and robust web filtering with TCI RED Cloud Filter, a cloud-based replacement for traditional web filtering appliances. Gain insights into threats targeting your users and monitor traffic from each office location efficiently.


Managed Detection & Response - Advanced Threat Hunting

Partner with TCI RED Managed Detection & Response, backed by the expertise of Huntress Labs. Developed by former NSA cyber-warfare operators, this service actively hunts down threats that may have evaded other security layers, providing a new dimension to your security stack.


Managed Firewall - Network Control

Take charge of your network with TCI RED Managed Firewall, offering remote management of your cloud-enabled firewall. Benefit from incident alerting, comprehensive reporting, VPN setup, user authentication policies, and more.


Patch Management - Automated System Protection

Keep your systems up to date and secure with TCI RED Patch Management. Automate the patching of Microsoft Windows and Office applications, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and security best practices.


Mail Protection - Robust Spam Management

TCI RED Mail Protection employs a combination of techniques for spam and message analysis. Tailor global or individual settings, adapting to your preferences and changing needs.


Risk Intelligence - Real-Time Risk Assessment

Stay ahead of risks with TCI RED Risk Intelligence. Perform ongoing risk assessments and calculate real-time breach risks, assigning a monetary value to potential threats.


Cyber Awareness Training - Empowering Your Team

Equip your team with Cyber Awareness Training, educating them on cybersecurity, IT best practices, and regulatory compliance. Foster a security-conscious culture to mitigate risks effectively.

Choose TCI for robust IT security solutions tailored to your organization's needs. Partner with us for a secure and resilient digital future.