Christmas is Right Around the Corner So are the Criminals

# Avoid being a statistic this Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and sadly, so are the criminals. Upcoming Holidays were established as a way of celebrating. Special times for gathering together with friends and family, creating memories, and in many cases, GIFTS! Which, unfortunately, also means more temptation and opportunities for thieves.

Not intending to be Debbie or David Downer, but as the anticipation of Holidays approaches, so does the expectation of criminal activity. Studies show that home burglaries are at their highest in the two weeks before and after Christmas. Knowing a house is full of fun, and exciting gifts can be too attractive and make you an easy target.

The good news is that there is no need to worry or fret over things that “might” happen - especially things that can be prevented or avoided.


Statistics and Some Ways to Avoid Being One

Valuable information is worth taking note of, particularly if you believe in the idea that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  • The average loss from a burglary is $2,799, according to the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  • 65% of burglaries happen during the day from 6 am- 6 pm.
  • Police will only solve 13% of burglaries because of a lack of evidence.
  • 67% of the surveyed people said they took an emotional and mental hit, with 63% stating that they had trouble sleeping after the burglary.
  • 34% of burglars will use the front door, and 22% will use the back door
  • 300% more likely to get broken into!

Most will agree that it is better to be safe than sorry.  So, here are a few ways you can be proactive and protected.


How to Avoid being a Statistic

Preventing a burglary should be a top priority for you, not only because of the financial toll but also the emotional toll it takes on you and your family. You have to be proactive and prepared. Investing in a home security system and being aware of your surroundings are ways to ensure you and your family are protected. Creating those positive memories during this season is easier than you think.


Investing in a Home Security

Home security systems are very effective. In fact, by not having a security system, you are 300% more likely to be broken into. Interestingly, over 95% of home security owners love having a system. They feel safer and more at ease when at home and when away from home, And yet, 75% of people do not have a security system. Here are a few facts to understand why having a home security system is vital to keeping your home and family safe.

  • 60% of thieves will not target your home if they know you have a home security system.
  • Using predictive analysis, 75% of homes in the U.S. will be broken into in the next 20 years.
  • According to the home inspector trade group NACHI, over 34% of intruders come through the front door, and 22% come through the back door.
  • Having alarm signs at the front and back of your house to notify anyone trying to break in that you have an alarm system deters thieves. A sign alone can be a deterrent.
  • Use a deadbolt metal door or a smart lock to prevent lock picking.
  • Additional features for home security systems, like water sensors(water damage causes over $10 billion in the U.S. each year) and fire sensors (fire causes over $11 billion in the U.S. each year, excluding wildfires), are available and give a sense of security and peace as well.

Protecting what is in your home is crucial, but you also need to protect what is delivered to your home. Online shopping has been a game-changer for many but also a thief's dream come true. Snatching packages is one of the fastest ways to steal those precious gifts. A security camera monitoring your packages is a powerful way to prevent the package from being stolen. One, you can see exactly when it was delivered so you can pick up the package. Two, if stolen, you know when and by whom.

Security is vital all year round, but especially during the holidays. TCI offers a wide range of products and services to protect your home or business and give you peace of mind. We have state-of-the-art surveillance products that range from network video recorders to 360-degree dome cameras. We also offer interactive services that allow you to control your security system from your phone quickly. Just like people are unique, so is your security. With so many options, we will ensure you have the solution specifically tailored to your individual needs and at a cost, you can afford.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Yes, burglaries are a problem in the United States, but with more awareness, they can be prevented. Criminals often case or evaluate homes before breaking into them. They choose the best target and optimal time to enter and steal. Keeping an eye out for signs that someone has marked your home as a potential target can lower the chances that your home will be burglarized.

Five possible things to be aware of that someone might be casing your neighborhood

  1. Unfamiliar People or Parked Cars - if you see people walking your neighborhood that seem out of place or cars suspiciously parked, take note. Keep an eye out, and don't worry about "hurting someone's feelings" by being nosy.
  2. Flyers or Surveyors - thieves leave flyers at the door of every home and then check later to see which of the flyers have been removed, therefore monitoring the schedule of the occupants. Bolder thieves will approach the door pretending to be someone performing a survey.
  3. Social Media Followers - Many people freely post public information on social media, broadcasting to the world where they are, who they are with, and when their home is empty. 65% of household burglaries are committed by someone the victim knows.
  4. Emergency Visitors - We all want to help people, but it is ok to be skeptical if someone comes to your door needing help.
  5. Service Workers - Thieves looking to gain entry to a home may pose as service workers.


Christmas is a time to celebrate, hang out with family and friends, and make positive memories. It is not the time to "support" your local thief. It is ok to be kind and knowledgeable.

Reach out to TCI with any questions. We have the tools to protect you and your family. Our goal is to provide you with peace and security and ensure you have the needed system and nothing more. You are unique and need a system that is unique to your needs - all while not breaking the budget.