Email / Collaboration

# Get more work done with TCI Connect

Empower Your Business with TCI Connect: Managed Email, Collaboration, and Seamless Online Meetings

Discover TCI Connect's Managed Email and Collaboration, your ultimate email and team collaboration solution available on Cloud or on-premise. Our feature-rich server offers email, instant messaging, and team collaboration with enhanced functionality for businesses. Experience lower hardware requirements, superior stability, and reduced maintenance costs, resulting in a remarkably lower total cost of ownership compared to other platforms – perfect for businesses of any size.


Explore the Key Features of Managed Email and Collaboration:
  • Intuitive webmail client for streamlined communication
  • Instant Messenger facilitating real-time collaboration
  • Team Workspaces for comprehensive team interaction
  • Shared contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes for enhanced productivity
  • Calendaring and event scheduling for efficient planning
  • Conference room scheduling for seamless coordination
  • Email and instant messaging archiving for compliance with SOX, HIPAA, and other regulations
  • Contact management for organized information
  • Cloud-based file storage with Dropbox and OneDrive integration
  • Full support for non-Western character sets and right-to-left languages


Elevate Communication with Online Meetings:

Engage in audio and/or video conferencing with up to 9 presenters in Online Meetings. No attendee limit allows widespread participation via text chat. Screen and file sharing capabilities empower groups for enhanced connectivity, productivity, and effective communication. Substitute third-party conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams seamlessly.


Foster Collaboration Effortlessly:

Empower your organization by sharing resources like calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and email folders. Our team collaboration server facilitates effective and efficient business operations. Industry-standard syncing protocols ensure seamless sharing across desktop or mobile apps.


Experience the Versatility of Our Powerful Webmail Client:

Access all features effortlessly through any browser. Our system is compatible with desktop and mobile browsers, offering a powerful alternative to traditional email clients. The webmail client is fast, reliable, and secure – catering to both casual and power users. Embrace flexibility without compromising functionality.