IT Management

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Enhance your IT Management with TCI RED Solutions

Discover unparalleled control and insight into your network and connected systems with TCI RED Insights, our comprehensive monitoring and management services. We ensure continuous, secure, and flexible access to your critical data, empowering your organization's efficiency.


TCI RED Insights:
  • Gain comprehensive monitoring and insight into your network.
  • Enjoy continuous, secure, and flexible access to critical data.
  • Choose from flexible TCI RED Remediation services on maintenance support or time and material basis.


Remote Monitoring:
  • Ensure efficient operation of systems impacting your bottom line.
  • TCI RED Remote Monitoring provides peace of mind for the smooth operation of critical systems.
  • Includes Server, Desktop, and Laptop Monitoring, Wireless Sensor and Device Monitoring, and Network Circuit and Pathway Monitoring.


Managed Network:
  • Optimize your network with TCI RED Managed Network services.
  • Remotely program, monitor, and maintain cloud-enabled network equipment.
  • Swiftly implement changes and updates, ensuring optimal performance and security.


Managed Backup:
  • Safeguard your business against theft, fire, or disasters with TCI RED Managed Backup.
  • Automatic and high-performance backup and recovery to local or hosted storage.


Asset Tracking:
  • Utilize TCI RED Asset Tracking for comprehensive inventory management.
  • Track software license compliance, audit software and hardware changes, and ensure expected states match the actual state.


Remote Control:
  • Access TCI RED Remote Control for seamless remote support and maintenance.
  • Control workstations or servers remotely, enhancing technical assistance.


Mobile Device Management:
  • Secure your organization's mobile devices with TCI RED Mobile Device Management.
  • Implement locate device, remote wipe, passcode setting, and remote lock capabilities.
  • Safeguard Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, protecting organizational data on employee-owned mobile devices.


Mail Archiving:
  • Alleviate strain on your email infrastructure with TCI RED Mail Archiving.
  • Simplify information retrieval with advanced search mechanisms and automatic tagging.
  • Preserve valuable email records effortlessly.


Managed DNS:
  • Ensure peak performance of your website with TCI RED Managed DNS.
  • Stay online during traffic spikes and high-demand scenarios.
  • Trust TCI for uninterrupted web presence and reliable performance.


Elevate your IT management with TCI RED Solutions, your partner in ensuring efficiency, security, and continuity. Contact us today for a customized solution tailored to your organization's needs.