Video Surveillance

# Increase safety and security with AI and video

Elevate your Security with TCI's Video Surveillance Solutions

Experience top-notch service and support for leading camera system brands at TCI. Specializing in IP-based camera systems and network video recorders (NVR), we provide comprehensive sales and support to meet your security needs.


AI-Driven Analytics for Enhanced Security

Harness the power of TCI's cutting-edge safety and security video surveillance platform. Our advanced AI algorithms can enhance your existing camera's capabilities, offering:

  • Improved safety and security features through AI algorithms
  • Swift incident monitoring and search capabilities, accessible from anywhere
  • Instant assessment and response to alerts
  • Operational efficiency enhancement and reduced security costs through pattern analysis


Comprehensive Security Features

TCI ensures your security with a range of features including:

  • Motion Detection
  • Person Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • License Plate Recognition


Unmatched Quality in Surveillance

Experience unparalleled quality with TCI's installation of top-tier camera systems featuring extensive storage and Cloud analytics. Our IP-based camera systems deliver unbeatable picture quality and clarity for both viewing and playback. NVRs are network-ready, allowing local or remote access from any computer or mobile device. Most units support motion detection recording.


Tailored Solutions for Every Scale

Whether you require a compact system with 2 IP-based cameras or a large-scale setup with up to 256 cameras, TCI is equipped to design, install, and service your video surveillance needs. Elevate your security, safety, and business operations with TCI's comprehensive solutions.