Access Control

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Empower Your Security: TCI's Expertise with Honeywell's MaxPro Access

Elevate your security measures with TCI's proficient installation and support services for Honeywell Access Control systems, tailored to diverse applications ranging from small to large. Experience the convenience of Honeywell's MaxPro Access (MPA2), a user-friendly, web-based access control system that provides secure management from anywhere with an Ethernet/Internet connection—eliminating the need for a dedicated PC or additional software costs.

With features like push-in connectors and the 'Click 'n Done' RJ45 approach, MPA2 simplifies installation, ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. Benefit from traditional access control advantages, including securing doors, managing employee access, and remote site management. Generate compliance reports effortlessly through the browser-based interface, reducing learning curves and training times.

MPA2 offers versatile management options, whether through the embedded browser, MAXPRO® Cloud's secure cloud infrastructure, or WIN-PAK®'s integrated security suite. Its installer-friendly design seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, minimizing installation and support costs. As your system evolves, MPA2 grows with you, adapting effortlessly to changing needs. Trust TCI and Honeywell's innovative MPA2 for a robust and scalable access control solution, balancing simplicity, security, and cost-effectiveness.