Cellular Amplification

# Stop dropped calls in commercial buildings

Enhance Cellular Connectivity with TCI's Signal Boosters

Are you frustrated with dropped calls and weak cellular signals in buildings or areas with poor reception? TCI has the solution to amplify your cellular connectivity at a cost-effective price.


Cost-Effective Alternative to Active DAS

Instead of opting for an expensive and FCC approval-requiring Active Distributed Antenna System (Active DAS), TCI presents a budget-friendly alternative – Passive DAS signal boosters. Compatible with all major US cellular carriers, these boosters elevate 5G/4G LTE data signals. Covering spaces up to 500,000 square feet, our boosters provide optimal price-performance value, surpassing other boosters on the market.


Bid Farewell to Dropped Calls

Dropped calls, sluggish data, and weak signals result from various factors, including distance from cell towers, user capacity, and obstacles like mountains, buildings, or dense walls. TCI's signal boosters effectively combat these challenges, ensuring a robust signal in both directions. Regardless of the impediments, our boosters deliver unparalleled performance, overcoming common signal-blocking elements such as mountains, rocks, trees, and structures made of metal.

Say goodbye to connectivity issues – TCI's signal boosters are your key to a seamless and reliable cellular experience.