Cellular Amplification

# Stop dropped calls in commercial buildings

Cellular Amplification

Are you tired of dropped calls in buildings and other areas with poor cellular signal? Do you want to boost your cellular signal from multiple cell carriers at an economical price? TCI can help you with your cellular signal problems.

Active DAS Alternative

As an alternative to an Active Distributed Antenna System (Active DAS), which can be expensive and require FCC approval, TCI offers economical signal boosters, also known as Passive DAS, that work with all cellular carriers in the US to boost 5G/4G LTE data. Cellular signal boosters can work in offices and commercial buildings with any wall density up to 500,000 square feet. As long as there is a usable cell signal outside of the building, we can provide boosters that will be able to boost the signal with the best price-performance value of any booster on the market.

Stop Dropped Calls

Dropped calls, slow cell phone data, and weak cell signal are the product of many different factors working both together and alone. Distance from a cell tower, cell tower user capacity, and the number of objects between you and the tower all cause dropped calls and weak cell signals. Some of the common signal blocking objects include mountains, rocks, trees, snow or dirt-pile, rain, dust in the air, buildings, dense walls, and anything made of metal, like copper, aluminum, iron and more. Basically, the more items or distance between a cell phone and a cell tower, the weaker the signal will be. This needs to be taken into mind both for the signal the device receives from the cell tower and the signal the device sends back to the cell tower. TCI provides signal boosters that boost the signal for both directions to overcome those cell phone signal blocking obstacles.