How Find Me / Follow Me Can Help Your Business Grow

# Staying connected when remotely working

Businesses today have to be flexible and mobile, so members of your team might spend significant portions of their day away from their desks. This is even more the case in the age of remote working. Unfortunately, having staff on the other side of the city or halfway around the world could mean important phone calls go unanswered. Fortunately, today’s VoIP business telephone systems enable the popular “find me/follow me” approach that allows your staff members to answer calls from anywhere. Here's a closer look at how your clients and staff can always be connected.

What Is Find Me/Follow Me?

Find me/follow me is a call routing service that automatically sends incoming calls to another line or device. For instance, if a team member is traveling or working on a client’s site, this feature will transfer incoming calls to their office line to their cell phone instead. 

What Are the Benefits?
Always Available

Call routing ensures important calls will go through, which can help your business thrive and ebusiness telephone systemnhance the mobility of your employees. With find me/follow me, you won’t have to worry about losing lucrative sales opportunities because your associate was at a business conference or working from home. If your team member isn’t in the office when their phone rings, the call will be sent to their home phone, cell, or another office.

These services also help ensure you can get through to relevant team members in an emergency. For instance, if a critical server malfunctions, your team can get in touch with the IT department wherever they might be.

Simple to Implement

With traditional technology, call routing services can be difficult and complex to implement. However, modern VoIP business telephone phone systems are software-based, which makes them easy to configure and turn on. You might set up the routing service to try various other numbers in sequence, like another office or phone number. You can also have it try a set of other phone numbers all at once, depending on your preferences.