TCI Student of the Month - November 2023 - West End High School

# Braden Thorton of West End High School

TCI Student of the Month - November, 2023


Braden Thornton of West End High School - TCI Student of the Month - November, 2023

Congratulations to Braden Thornton for being awarded as the TCI Vocational Student of the Month for Etowah  County!

Braden Thornton is a senior at West End High School. Braden showcases his dedication to hands-on learning and technical skills in the electrical program at the Etowah County Career Tech Center.

On the athletic front, he is a triple threat, actively participating in football, basketball, and baseball, demonstrating his commitment to teamwork and discipline.

Looking towards the future, Braden has his sights set on a career in industrial automation. Post-graduation, he plans to attend Gadsden State, where he aims to enroll in the Fame Program, laying the groundwork for his ambitions in the field of industrial automation.

With a strong foundation in both technical knowledge and athletic discipline, Braden Thornton is headed for success in his journey beyond high school.


TCI Scholarship Program

TCI desires to support and encourage high school seniors who plan to pursue an associate degree or a certification in a trade/vocational field. With this in mind, we will be offering two scholarships to be awarded in May of each school year. In honor of TCI's Founder, the Kenneth Bice Vocational Scholarship will be awarded to well deserving students.

Each month a senior student enrolled in their local high school vocational/trade program will be selected to be recognized as the TCI Student of the Month. At the end of the school year, two students will be selected to receive a scholarship to apply to their educational cost as they further their education in their chosen field.

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