VoIP vs. Traditional Digital Phone Systems Hardware, Maintenance and Cost

# Costs of business communication

VoIP technology that enables voice to be transmitted over a data connection rather than over copper phone lines can be a little overwhelming and somewhat confusing for the average user. Knowing each system's facts sets you up for success and making the right choice for your business. When weighing out the benefits, it is important to consider the Hardware Cost and Maintenance.

Hardware Cost - A significant benefit of having a VoIP system is the hardware used. VoIP systems are software controlled and managed in the cloud – meaning less hardware and lower cost.

  • Digital phone systems are hardwired and, in most cases, cost more to install and maintain due to the required circuit cards, proprietary telephone sets, and adjunct applications.
  • Digital phones require both a voice cable and a data cable. VoIP phone systems use the same cable that connects a PC to the LAN at a user's desktop.
  • VoIP phones share the same cabling; less wiring is required, reducing the business's cost during installation.


Maintenance - Businesses often look at the initial upfront cost but may not consider the long-term cost.

  • When considering a VoIP system, it is essential to consider the cost over time. Remember that when older digital telephone systems start failing, they become costly to maintain.

  • Digital phone systems require an on-premises service technician to maintain, update and upgrade hardware and software, which may cause long wait times.

  • VoIP troubleshooting is performed remotely. VoIP systems can be programmed, upgraded, and often maintained remotely by the service provider or VAR, making VoIP less expensive to implement and maintain over the long term, which means more productivity and less downtime.


With the evolution of phone technology, VoIP is rapidly becoming the standard for phone services. VoIP has proven to reduce telecommunication costs and increase productivity significantly compared to traditional digital phone systems. TCI Voice is the best solution for your communication needs because we understand the importance of communication while keeping your cost down. TCI Voice has the ability and the solution needed to ensure you and your customers are happy. Reach out to us with any questions, give us a call and let us explain precisely how and why VoIP is the right choice.