VoIP vs. Traditional Digital Phone Systems Reliability, Convenience and Scalability

# VoIP is reliable, convenient and scalable

Communication via technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving for the benefit of users. Throughout the decades, phone systems have gone from analog to digital to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With this constantly changing technology, it is essential to stay educated to make informed decisions that best fit your needs.
VoIP phone systems share many of the same features of traditional digital systems but there are differences and benefits in how that technology is distributed, organized, managed, and maintained across the networks.
Benefits that set VoIP apart from a traditional phone system are its Reliability, Convenience, and Scalability. When your company grows- so does the system - with an easy transition done remotely. When trying to decide between a VoIP and traditional phones systems, here a few things to consider:
● Digital phones require more physical interactions and more hands-on, which can mean more downtime and possible delays in business. Because the VoIP phone system is in the cloud, you can easily connect multiple offices across the country and world with remote workers meaning less down time, less work, and less cost to you.
● Transfer a call to a coworker anywhere in the world just like you would transfer a call to a coworker in the office. With VoIP, employees have more freedom to work wherever and employers have the freedom to hire from anywhere. This convenience offers you and your clients the best communication available.
● VoIP will keep you up and running even if a man-made or natural disaster strikes. If and when the unexpected happens, a VoIP system can failover to another data center elsewhere in the country, rerouting your calls to other locations, mobile phones, or home phones. Therefore, keeping business going and clients happy.
If you are looking for Reliability, Convenience, and Scalability, TCI Voice offers the best in hosted VoIP available. Having the proper knowledge gives you the advantage and assures you will make the best decision for your business. Reach out to us with questions regarding these benefits and other benefits of a VoIP phone system. TCI Voice has all you need and more to make sure you and your clients are satisfied.