Security Camera Systems near Gadsden, AL

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Security Camera Systems

TCI will design, install, and service your security camera systems near Gadsden, AL. Visit our site to learn more. TCI provides service and support for most major brands of camera systems. We also offer sales and support for IP-based camera systems and network video recorders (NVR).


TCI uses the industry-leading safety and security camera system video surveillance platform. With a wide range of advanced award-winning AI algorithms, TCI can help transform your existing security camera system's capabilities:

  • Advanced AI algorithms to improve existing camera’s safety and security camera system's features
  • Monitor and search incidents fast, from anywhere
  • Assess and respond to alerts in seconds
  • Analyze patterns to increase operation efficiency while reducing security costs
  • Motion Detection
  • Person Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
Safety and Business Operations
  • Slip and Fall
  • Queue Line Monitoring



TCI installs quality camera systems with massive storage capabilities and Cloud analytics. With an IP-based security camera system you have unbeatable picture quality and clarity during viewing or playback. NVR's come network ready and can be set up to be locally or remotely viewed from any computer or mobile device that has access. Motion detection recording is available on most units as well.

Whether you need a 2 IP-based security camera system or as large as 128 IP-based security camera system, TCI has the capability to design, install, and service your video surveillance needs.