3 Benefits of Remote Security Services

# Interactive remote services for your security camera system

Whether you own a retail enterprise, distribution warehouse, or something in between, high-quality surveillance and intrusion alarm systems are vital to the safety of your business. Upgrading to remote monitoring and interactive services is an even more efficient way to keep an eye on your property. This type of integrated system offers significant advantages to business owners who want to take a more proactive role in their company’s security. Here are three reasons to commit to this higher level of monitoring.

Why Should Business Owners Invest in Remote Security?

1. Monitor From Anywheresurveillance

If you frequently travel for business or try to take advantage of vacation time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can always monitor your business, no matter where you are. Remote monitoring services mean you can virtually access security cameras positioned at your business from your smartphone or tablet at any time. If there’s ever a problem when you aren’t on-site, you’ll have a far easier time understanding the scope of the issue and coming to a solution if you can see what’s going on.

2. Control the System

Many remote systems also allow business owners to control different functions via their devices. For example, you can interactively use this advanced feature to arm or disarm the alarm system from anywhere. 

This can be useful if you or an employee neglects to do so before leaving for the day. Remote features can lock and unlock doors and even send you an alert in the event of an emergency, whether it’s a break-in or a door opening unexpectedly.

3. Identify Ongoing Threats

Theft isn't the only risk businesses face. An inclement weather event like a tornado could potentially cause damage to the building’s structure. 

From your safe location, you can use remote surveillance to actively check on its condition. With this information, you can keep yourself and your employees safe and make plans for interim operations if your building is deemed temporarily unsafe to use.